Terms, Privacy (GDPR) & Conditions



§ 1 General Terms and Conditions 

The general terms and conditions listed below apply exclusively to all business relations with ATT Reisebüro GmbH  Our contracting partner is henceforth referred to as BBB (“BBB”, “Contracting Partner”, or “Receiver”). These general terms and conditions apply to all current and future business relations with ATT Reisebüro GmbH , even when not referred to explicitly. Provisions deviating from or supplementary to these general terms and conditions – especially any general terms and conditions and conditions of purchase set forth by BBB – shall only become part of the contract if these are expressly confirmed by ATT Reisebüro GmbH  in writing. 

§ 2 Offer and Conclusion of Contract, Quotation 

§ 2.1 Offer

Offers made by ATT Reisebüro GmbH  are non-binding, unless they are explicitly termed as such. Orders made by the contracting partner are only valid once a ATT Reisebüro GmbH  order confirmation has been issued, whereby a contract is concluded. 

CONFIRMATION: All Internet orders will be confirmed / replied to via e-mail within 48 hours. Please provide the necessary contact information at the order form.

BOOKING: All bookings are made on our “Book now page”. For further inquiries please E-mail us: info@viennaticket.com.

§ 2.2 Quotation

Quotes are provided by ATT Reisebüro GmbH  according to the best of expert knowledge, however, no guarantee can be made for the correctness of the information. Should a cost increase exceeding 15% arise after placing an order, ATT Reisebüro GmbH  shall inform the contracting partner immediately. Should this cost increase constitute an unavoidable increase of less than 15%, no separate communication is necessary, and the costs will be invoiced without further ado. If nothing else was contractually stipulated, order modifications or additional orders can be charged at appropriate prices. 

§ 3 Confidentiality

BBB hereby irrevocably pledges himself/herself not to disclose any trade secrets of which BBB has been made aware through any business relations or other contact with ATT Reisebüro GmbH , and further not to make these available to third parties without the express consent of ATT Reisebüro GmbH  BBB further commits himself/herself to use any information on a strictly “need to know”-basis, and only within the frame provided by the stipulations of the concluded contract.

This pledge of confidentiality shall remain valid for three years after the termination of business relations with ATT Reisebüro GmbH , or independently of the existence of business relations for three years after an offer is made by ATT Reisebüro GmbH  

§ 4 Prices and Terms of Payment 

We do not receive any reductions or commissions on ticket prices by the various promoters. Our booking fee for each ticket is 25% plus EUR 9 included in all of the prices indicated. In case you book five or more seats, the booking fee will be lowered to 25% plus EUR 6 each ticket. Viennese Music concerts carry a booking fee of 25%, and for training sessions at the Spanish Riding School & guided stable tours or museum visits a fee of approx. 25% applies. For sightseeing tours no fees will be added. For payment we will accept any major credit card with your email order (ref: order form).

All our prices are in Euro (EUR). VAT is included in the price. Further fees are to be paid by BBB.

The current list of prices is provided by the ATT Reisebüro GmbH  price list. The indicated prices do not include costs of transport, customs, or packaging. The ATT Reisebüro GmbH  price list is valid until revoked.

explicitly specified otherwise in written form, payment is required in advance. 

BBB obligates himself/herself to pay in full the agreed-upon price as soon as the contract is concluded.

For part-deliveries payment by partial invoices shall always be admissible.

Where payment by installments has been agreed, short or delayed payment of one installment will immediately cause default of payment. 

Should this occur, ATT Reisebüro GmbH  is entitled to reclaim the delivered goods without withdrawing from the contract, until payment including incidental costs has been made in full.

Late interest: For corporate affairs the stipulations of  § 456 UGB apply, whereby the late interest shall be 9,2 percentage points greater than the base rate, insofar as the defaulter is responsible for the delay. Should the defaulter not be responsible for the delay, and in non-corporate relations, the provisions of § 1000 ABGB apply, according to which a default interest rate of 4% is incurred. 

§ 4.1 Cancellation policy 

Since tickets are a one of a kind item they are not replaceable. There are no refunds, exchanges or cancellations on any order once it is submitted to us. Tickets are sold at market price which usually exceeds the printed price on the face of the ticket. This mark-up (as to above fees) reflects the cost of obtaining premium and hard-to-get tickets, sometimes on the secondary market. We will try though to sell your tickets to other clients, if you cancel your booking, and, if achieved, refund the face value of the ticket to your credit card.

§ 4.2 Force majeure

If an event is cancelled for any reason other than force majeure (Rained out, Flood, Earthquake, etc...), strike or lockout, we will provide a refund for the face value of the ticket. Our fees will remain charged. Delivery charges are not refundable.

§ 5 Place of Fulfilment und Risk Assumption

The place of fulfilment shall principally arise from the agreement made.

The costs and risks of transport are borne by BBB. The goods shall be considered transferred once they are turned over to customary transport or postal services, whereby the risk is transferred to BBB.

MAILING OF TICKETS: We would advise clients to have their tickets delivered to their hotel in Vienna or to the evening box office. Should you insist on receiving tickets by airmail to your home address, we will do it at your risk. Charges for this service are EUR 12. When you receive your tickets please keep them in a safe place. Tickets (like cash) cannot be replaced if lost, stolen or damaged.

DELIVERY & PICK-UP OF TICKETS: Tickets can be delivered to the client`s hotel in Vienna for a total service charge of EUR 10 (EUR 1 approx. US$1.08). We charge EUR 16 for hotel delivery of tickets to hotels, which aren`t located in the center. For delivery to the box office of any event we charge EUR 5,-. The goods shall be considered transferred once they are turned over to the hotel or box office of the event, whereby the risk is transferred to BBB. Tickets cannot be collected from our agency, as we are an e-commerce company only.

§ 6 Reservation of Title, Rights of Use

The title to the goods shall remain with ATT Reisebüro GmbH  until full payment has been received. 

The rights of use correspond to the copyright statement found on our website, to be found under 

Any infringement of copyright will result in legal action being taken.

§ 7 Acceptance of Goods and Partial Deliveries 

The contracting partner is obliged to accept all goods and services provided by ATT Reisebüro GmbH .

If the contracting partner finds defects after accepting goods, it is within his/her right to have them removed by ATT Reisebüro GmbH , in accordance with the guarantee. 

AAA Deliveries and services are always divisible. For partial deliveries, partial acceptance is permissible.

§ 8 Delay and Default

§ 8.1 Delayed Delivery 

The terms and dates of delivery shall be observed by ATT Reisebüro GmbH  as far as possible: They are, if they have not been explicitly termed as such, non-binding and shall always be considered expected dates of delivery to BBB.

Withdrawal from a contract by BBB due to delayed delivery is possible only after allowing for an adequate respite of at least two weeks. The withdrawal must be delivered in writing. The right to withdrawal exists solely for that part of the delivery or service which is delayed.

§ 8.2 Default of Acceptance 

Goods not accepted by BBB on the agreed upon date will be stored for six weeks, the cost and risk of which is to be borne by BBB. ATT Reisebüro GmbH will charge USD 6,- for each calendar day or part thereof for this service. ATT Reisebüro GmbH is further entitled to insist on fulfilment of the contract or, after allowing for an adequate respite, to withdraw from the contract and reutilize the goods. In case of reutilization, a contractual penalty of 10% of the invoice total, excluding VAT, is considered agreed.

§ 9 Guarantee

The period of warranty is six months from the date of acceptance, in accordance with § 7 of these terms and conditions.

The existence of defects needs to be verified by the contracting partner. § 924 ABGB is not applicable. Defects must be immediately reprimanded in specified, written form.

Under warranty obligations, ATT Reisebüro GmbH  is entitled to choose the type of warranty (amendment, replacement, price reductions, or conversion) provided.

Other actions undertaken by ATT Reisebüro GmbH , such as amending defects outside the warranty obligations, or performing other services, shall be charged in accordance with the valid ATT Reisebüro GmbH  price list.

§ 933b ABGB is not applicable.

§ 10 Damages

ATT Reisebüro GmbH  is obliged to pay compensation only in cases of intent or culpable negligence. In cases of slight negligence, ATT Reisebüro GmbH  is liable strictly for personal injury. This liability lapses six months after BBB learns of both damages and the injuring party.

For collateral damages, missed profits, loss of interest, savings not made, secondary damages and pecuniary loss, as well as for losses originating from the claims of third persons, ATT Reisebüro GmbH  is not liable.

Insofar as a penalty has been agreed upon, irrespective of the specific case, this is subject to the court’s right to reduce or abate. The enforcement of compensation exceeding the agreed upon penalty is not permissible. 

§ 11 Jurisdiction and Choice of Law

§ 11.1 Jurisdiction

All disputes arising from a contract, including those relating to the existence or non-existence of said contract, are to be exclusively decided by the relevant court at ATT Reisebüro GmbH ’s place of operations. 

§ 11.2 Choice of Law

The contract is subject exclusively to the law of the Republic of Austria, excluding the United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. 

§ 12 Further Provisions

§ 12.1 Severability Clause

If one of these business conditions should be or become void or inexecutable in whole or in part, this shall not affect the validity of all other terms and conditions. The contracting partners will replace the void or inexecutable term by one which is both valid and executable, and which shall best reflect the void or inexecutable term in content and aim. 

§ 12.2 Formal Requirements

Alterations or addenda to a contract require written form. This also applies to changes to the written form requirement. 

§ 12.3 Offsetting

Offsetting of our claims through counterclaims of whatever kind is not possible. 

§ 12.4 Subcontractors

The utilization of subcontractors is always permissible.

§ 13 Privacy GDPR

The EU General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), which will be valid from 25 May 2018, will protect your personal data even better. For this reason, we have adjusted our business processes DSGVO compliant.


When you purchase something from our store, as part of the buying and selling process, we collect the personal information you give us such as your name, address and email address.Your personal data transmitted to us, or already stored by us will - as usual - be processed by us exclusively for the payment of your orders sent by mail or used to get in contact with you.


How do we get your consent?

When you provide us with personal information to complete a transaction, verify your credit card, place an order, arrange for a delivery or return a purchase, we imply that you consent to us collecting it and using it for that specific reason only.If we ask for your personal information for a secondary reason, like marketing, we will either ask you directly for your expressed consent, or provide you with an opportunity to say no.

How do I withdraw my consent?

If after you opt-in, you change your mind, you may withdraw your consent for us to contact you, for the continued collection, use or disclosure of your information, at anytime, by contacting us at office@viennaticket .com or call our data protection officer Wolfgang HERRMANN under +43-1-512 44 66.


We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so or if you violate our Terms of Service.



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